Hope and Change the Theme at CAR Awards

May 28, 2009


Hope Pours In

Hope Pours In When Positive Change Occurs

At a dinner On May 21, the Chicago Association of Realtors presented the 2009 Good Neighbor Award winners. As I saw the recipients walk to the podium to receive their awards, the words of the evening?s emcee kept running through my head.

In his remarks, Brian Bernardoni the Government Affairs Director for the Association said, “There is a yin and yang; there is a balance the concepts of HOPE and CHANGE present ? they need to work together. Without the inspiration of HOPE people will not find resources for CHANGE. And without prospects of CHANGE there is no HOPE. Developers and REALTORS® in the room know these words all too well.”

Hope and Change

They are words we heard through the presidential election as a Chicagoan worked to create hope that change will happen. Locally those words define the work, dedication and partnerships of the developers, banks, Realtors®, and in many cases the City of Chicago through its Department of Community Development. The award winning projects where scattered throughout Chicago, from North to South East to West. They were residential, commercial and mixed use renovations and new construction. Working together their work filled vacant lots, abandoned buildings, and in some cases the starting point for hope there will be change for an entire community.

Affordable Housing Without Displacement

This year?s Bruce Abrams Award winner?the program?s highest honor?was awarded to Benjamin Van Horne of Greenline Development for the Greenline Condos in the Woodlawn Neighborhood. With this 37 unit project, Mr. Van Horne achieved his goal of quality affordable housing without displacement. He was able to do this in cooperation with the City of Chicago?s Department of Community Development.

Saving a Historically Significant Building

Another winner that stuck out in my mind was one of a colleague of mine at Sudler Sotheby?s International Realty, Ron Meadows. In the Lincoln Square neighborhood where even in this current real estate market, developers are still tearing down and building new condos and single family homes, Ron saved a building built in 1893 with historical significance from a developer who was going to tear it down. He took this structure, known as the Alley House of Lincoln Square, did a total renovation and is maintaining it as a rental property in an area where there is very little rental inventory left.

Every award recipient has their own passionate story about their project. They all faced challenges. But they saw through them?all to make a difference. Project by project, partnerships bring about change throughout the entire city and hope in many neighborhoods where it did not exist before.

Mr. Bernardoni went on to say ?When you INSPIRE HOPE and bring about CHANGE ? you build this city. You are all winners and great Chicagoans. Thanks for doing your part.?

We would like to thank Kwerfeldein for kindly sharing his photo entitled Hope and Pain via the Creative Commons License.

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