Chicago High-End Real Estate on the Upswing

June 18, 2010

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Luxury Real Estate

Luxury Real Estate

Despite speculation that the luxury residential market in the city of Chicago, $1,000,000+, will experience a slight down-turn as consumers sit-back and wait to see what happens with the stock market, the statistics paint a different picture. This information was taken from the Multiple Listing Service showcasing that the first-half of June could turn-out to be an equally strong month for luxury sales despite the ups-and-downs of the S&P, NASDAQ and DOW.

Statistics Show an Upswing

JANUARY — 39 Properties went under contract – 34 have closed so far
FEBRUARY — 43 Properties went under contract – 32 have closed so far
MARCH — 79 Properties went under contract – 63 have closed so far
APRIL — 50 Properties went under contract – 30 deals have closed so far
MAY — 64 Properties went under contract – 21 deals have closed so far
JUNE – 34 Properties went under contract

Consumers Still Participating

With interest rates still historically low and opportunities to purchase a luxury home at what we hope is the “bottom of the market,” consumers have the confidence to continue participating in this real estate marketplace.

We would like to thank Antoine Nicholas for sharing today’s photo via the Creative Commons License.
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