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Campaigning for more Wal-mart stores continues as store closings & job losses rise. This time, with the Lord on their side. The Chicago alliance of just over 200 ministers representing a congregation of over 100,000 plan to put the pressure on Mayor Daley to grant approval for construction to start on a new Wal-Mart at the Chatham Market shopping center. Their hope is that it will save the project from falling into foreclosure. Also part of the plan is to pressure aldermen to approve this store and other stores needed in retail starved neighborhoods like Englewood and Pullman. If this approach fails, the ministers & their mobile congregations plan to mount a campaign against alderman who oppose the Wal-mart expansion and in turn support those candidates who are in favor through political advertising and strongly urging a vote against dissenters. Alderman need votes and churches offer lots of congregants so the ministers feel they have a powerful weapon. For their sake, I hope so. Because even if they get the thumbs up from the aldermen, it?s still possible to hit a road block with the city council and the department of zoning.

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