Lincoln Park Hospital to get $25 Million Facelift

December 17, 2009

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sudler-sothebys-logo17 December 2009 ? There looks to be new life for Lincoln Park Hospital. North Side developers Richard Zisook & Michael Supera recently took title to the five-building complex located at 550 W. Webster (at the intersection of Geneva Terrace, Lincoln Avenue, and Webster Street). This action ended a $31 million foreclosure case against the former developer, Mark Hunt. According to Mr. Zisook, the new plans call for the comprehensive redevelopment of the three-acre site that will eventually include senior housing, high-end condominiums, and retail. In a bizarre twist, the original lender is the lender again. Fifth Third Bank agreed to issue a $25-million loan to the Supera-Zisook venture. Even more strange, Mr. Hunt had originally handed the property back to the bank after defaulting on his loan. Mortgage records show he will retain a minor interest in the property. Typically, defaulting on a loan extinguishes any equity interest of the borrower. Mr. Hunt is expected to consult with the new developers on the retail aspect of the project.

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One Response to “Lincoln Park Hospital to get $25 Million Facelift”

  1. Tim Says:

    This project has not been approved for zoning change yet. 80% of the neighborhood is against this project and are not against redevelopment, but are against this particular plan. The two biggest issues are the face that it is in the historic Mid-North neighborhood in an area where all buildings are 3-4 stories and the hospital tower was never approved to be housing or it wouldn’t have been approved to begin with. Also, with plenty of retail blocks away and the character of the Mid-North neighborhood being non-retail they want the retail portion of the plan removed and the high rise either reduced to 5 stories or less or torn down. As the hospital is the area of 17 single family homes. The Mid-North neighborhood wants either rowhouses or lowrise condo building.

    No High Rise! No Retail! (Mid-North resident)