Ravenswood Manor Single Family Homes Appreciating

November 3, 2009

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sudler-sothebys-logo3 November 2009 ? The real estate market today has taken some hard knocks. Many neighborhoods and properties have suffered a declining market. Believe it or not, I have found a neighborhood niche that is not declining. The neighborhood niche is: “High-end single family dwellings located in Ravenswood Manor.” For those of you that do not know the area, it is located north of Montrose Avenue and just west of the North Branch of the Chicago River.

After running a declining market analysis on the area, I have found that high-end single family dwellings are holding steady in value. This is good news to property owners in the area as well as those thinking of about purchasing in the upcoming months. Some of the reasons attributing to the stabilization of the neighborhood would be the school district. According to The Chicago Public Schools’ School Locator this area is located in the Waters Chicago Public School District. Being located in a good school district can make all the difference. Other possible reasons for the stabilization are the close proximity to public transportation as well as some dwellings have access to water rights along The Chicago River.

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One Response to “Ravenswood Manor Single Family Homes Appreciating”

  1. Dick Lanyon Says:

    “Water rights” is not the correct term. The MWRDGC owns the 180-foot wide strip of land wherein lies the North Branch, relocated in 1904 through 1907, and made wider and deeper to accommodate additional flow. The adjacent land owners, mostly residential with some parks, streets and the CTA, have no water rights. They can have access to the water with the consent of the owner, MWRDGC.