Not All Neighborhoods Depreciating

September 2, 2009

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sudler-sothebys-logo02 Sept 2009 ? In keeping with yesterdays theme of ?Is your neighborhood appreciating or depreciating?? here are a few more popular Chicago neighborhoods and their year-to-date sales for 2008 vs 2009 (January 1 through September 2nd): These averages are for 2 bedroom / 2 bath condos only:

Lakeview 2008: 429 condos sold with an average sale price of $410,000, In 2009 that number dropped to 212 sold with an average sale price of $382,000.

Lincoln Park 2008: 203 condos sold; average sale price $441,000. In 2009: 126 condos sold, average sale price $415,000

North Center 2008: 84 condos sold, average sale price $353,000. 2009: Good news for North Center: 55 condos sold but average sale price increased to $367,000.

Chicago is a patchwork of neighborhoods. It?s unfair and inaccurate to generalize the appreciation or depreciation of the entire city when it?s comprised of 77 official community areas and over 200 neighborhoods, each with its own intricacies and real estate values.

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