Telltale Signs Your Listing Broker is a Dinosaur

May 1, 2009


Are you pulling a dinosaur behind you while trying to sell your home?

Are you pulling a dinosaur behind you while trying to sell your home?

Is your real estate agent evolving or are they a dinosaur? And you know what happened to the dinosaurs?

  • The bulk of their explanation of their marketing of your home is connected to the MLS and print ads.
  • The rest of their presentation talks about, their company’s web site and bundle the rest under ?all the others.” They think they can get away with simply stating it will be ?on the internet?.
  • When you are not getting offers or activity they talk about canceling the MLS listing and how it will “refresh” the listing when in the realty is it no longer fools the agent or the consumer. It just irritates both of us.

The tools of marketing of a property have changed over the years as the consumers (potential buyers) have. Many of the listing agents say they have embraced the methods but how could they when they clearly don?t understand exactly how information is reaching the buyers?

Marketing Techniques Constantly Change

It?s constantly educating one?s self by attending seminars, webinars, and Internet searches. Where I get my best stuff from is the shared information amongst my piers. Although the major brands all have unique but extensive interactive marketing programs that distinguish one broker from another, the true optimization of a listing is done by the agent who knows how to use what the brand offers and then take control of their own listings.

The discussion a listing agent should have at a presentation should include keywords like syndication, SEO, and social networking. Tomorrow this list will likely change. Interactive marketing is a fluid medium. Every day I find new tools or improvements to services I am currently utilizing. This affords me the ability to enhance the marketing I am offering my clients on an ongoing basis. How we service our listings can no longer be services limited to a presentation updated by the brokerage periodically. The ability to grow with the dynamics of the medium differentiates one agent from another.

When agents say they did not get a listing or lost a listing because of marketing, it?s almost always because they think by being in the MLS or fed to their company?s website they have done their job in marketing a listing. This is the agent that is still talking about Sunday?s ad in the newspaper (is there still such a thing?) and does not know how to overcome talking about advertising that is obsolete.

Where are the consumers going? How to you get the information to find them? What websites are relevant in the home search in your marketplace? That is a discussion for the next post.

We would like to thank Mykl Roventine for so generously sharing today’s photo via the Creative Commons License.

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4 Responses to “Telltale Signs Your Listing Broker is a Dinosaur”

  1. Katie Anderson Says:

    I love this!!!!! So true in this market! How many Dinosaur’s do you know? I know a ton!!! Sad but true. The good news is . . . this market is going to weed out the agent that does not “Get it!”

  2. Jeff Fischer Says:

    The old saying was “the top 20% of brokers make 80% of the deals”….after this market it will be 10% & 90% because of the fallout! Good news for the broker willing to be flexible with their business plan.


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