The Fed Worried About Lack of Inflation

April 20, 2009

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A&N Mortgage Logo20 April 2009 – The stock markets are down Monday morning, with the Dow back below 8000. Bank of America actually posted better-than-expected profits. GM says it will be laying off 1600 in the next few days.

The Fed came out saying it was worried about the lack of inflation. You?d think inflation would be inevitable side effect of the government printing billions of extra dollars for the stimulus, but the rest of the world is actually just as bad off as us, if not worse, so the value of the dollar hasn?t been too bad. While a lack of inflation can be bad long term for the overall economy and its growth, I?d say that the average American struggling to get by welcomes this. It wasn?t that long ago that gas was $4-$4.50 a gallon, milk was $2.99-3.99 a gallon, and eggs were $2.49-3.49 a dozen. These days, gas is $2-2.25, milk $1.99-2.49, and eggs $1.29-1.99, making it easier for struggling Americans to feed their families.

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