The Chicago 77 Announces Plan to Buy The Spire

April 1, 2009


The spire

The Spire's model, currently on display atop a church in Derbyshire, England

Archive Readers Please Note: This post is dated April 1st, 2009. Think about it.

This morning at The Chicago 77 Media Group’s annual board meeting at Dunkin’ Donuts®, a plan was discussed and adopted for The Chicago 77 to acquire and complete construction of The Spire. Last week’s news that the AFL-CIO is in talks with the Spire’s developers to fund the project made it clear that just about anyone can be involved. Given the importance of the building’s completion to Chicago’s international reputation and the apparent readiness of the developers to talk with anyone, our board members decided to craft a rescue plan.

Innovative Funding Plan

At the heart of The Chicago 77’s plan is an innovative, two-pronged plan to raise huge amounts of funds. The first prong is to ask everyone to donate money to The Chicago 77 for this effort. Donations are accepted here.

The second prong of the plan is based on the many successful fund raising efforts utilizing school kids with pleading eyes hawking boxes of Krispy Kream® donuts. An innovative twist on this scheme, taking a cue from The Willis Group, is that The Chicago 77 will approach Dunkin’ Donuts (the sponsor of our annual board meeting, who so graciously provided a table, two large coffees, a reduced fat blueberry muffin, a Boston cream donut, and a medium tea with cream). The plan is for DD to supply 9.8 billion donuts in exchange for naming rights to The Spire. The initial planned name is “The DD Stir Stick.” Distribution and sale of the 9.8 billion donuts is still in the initial planning stages, but a strategy utilizing cute kittens is under consideration.

The spire from a distance

The Spire's Model (built in the 13th Century) from a distance

We would like to thank Jeffedoe for graciously sharing today’s photos through the Creative Commons License. Thank you.

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  1. Katie Anderson Says:

    You are a funny guy Mr Holmes!!!!

  2. Phil Burnstine Says:

    Are you sure your name isn’t Sherlock?

  3. Lisa Gregg Says:

    Bunch of comedians today aren’t we!?!?!

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    Ha … gotta have dreams!

  6. steve austin Says:

    Yeah right….APRIL FOOLS!!

  7. Brad Walbrun Says:

    HA HA HA….I’ll donate all the equity in my house…..oh, wait…


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