South Loop High Commercial Vacancy Rates Due to High Prices

April 3, 2009


Sunset on the South Loop?

Sunset on the South Loop?

Between 1990 and 2000, according to the census, the South Loop’s population increased by 39 percent?the third largest neighborhood population increase in Chicago for that 10 year period. That the area’s growth and popularity had grown was obvious and apparent in both housing costs and real estate values. Growth continued and rates rose due to the popularity of the South Loop neighborhood.

What has changed since the population increase are the types and sizes of businesses that were able to survive the drastic increase in rents. For businesses whose lease was signed before the population increase, retail rents were a bargain.

Many Changes in the South Loop

However, in today’s lean times, the rates charged for commercial space in the South Loop seem to be artificially high. The vacancy rate for retail and commercial space in the South Loop reflects what is happening in the downtown CBD, as reported in the major Chicago newspapers over the past few days. The retail in the South Loop market continues to have a high vacancy rate due to asking prices.

Hopefully as potential retailers decide to take advantage of the South Loop, landlords will be more realistic with their asking prices and the South Loop will continue to grow.

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